Monthly Archives: Dezember 2011

The Freelancers release their first album

The Freelancers

My awesome awesome friends The Freelancers are publishing their first album N’Kuti soon. I couldn’t be any happier for them. I couldn’t be any prouder. This is the video of their song Pse? (Why?). The song is on the new record too and the video was made by Berat Hasani/Pink Moon Creative in 2011. Enjoy!

Austrians in Kosovo

My new blog for Kosovo 2.0 deals with my frustration about the way Austrian media report on the Balkans. Besides I tried to express how disgusted I feel about many NGO-workers in Kosovo. I’ve witnessed quite a lot of situations where NGO-workers and media showed fundamental lack of interest for the will of the Albanians in Kosovo. The patronizing West is swanning upon Kosovo driven by arrogance. Here it is: “Dear Austrians: Kosovo is not your little ant farm!”